As New Yorkers Begin to Return to Work, Personal Injuries Come Into Focus

As New Yorkers Begin to Return to Work, Personal Injuries Come Into Focus Call the experienced attorneys at Littman & Babiarz located in Ithaca and Auburn NY

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Thankfully, New York residents are returning to work. The pandemic is still an issue, but as the vaccine enters wide distribution and “the curve” continues to flatten, there is hope. However, as the country slowly returns to some sense of normalcy and businesses open back up after a long hiatus, we may witness a surprising phenomenon. Littman & Babiarz, a personal injury law firm in Ithaca and Auburn, NY, is aware that society may witness an increase in on-the-job injuries.

Are We Ready for the Old Routines?

For those who may have been away from established job routines, re-exposure to them may increase the risk of incurring a personal injury. Inactivity from a long layoff may have caused bodily reactions to slow and muscle groups to weaken. Returning to once-familiar routines and repetitive activity could cause strain that pulls muscles or otherwise contributes to accidents or wear-related injury.

If you have been away from a previous job routine for a length of time, it may be a good idea to begin your day with some stretching and warm-up exercises. This can help to prepare your body for increased motion and work after a long period of rest and inactivity. Doing this at home or after arriving at work, but before beginning your assigned tasks, could help you to prevent overwork stresses or accidents caused by muscle weakness.

Personal Injuries in the Workplace

Personal injuries can occur in the workplace at any time and for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps your previous job was inactive for a period of time, and returning to work finds you in an unkempt or deteriorated work environment. You should be cautious to avoid anything that could cause an accident and report any unsafe conditions to your employer.

It may be wise to invest some initial time cleaning up and performing preventive maintenance on tools and equipment before actual production begins. Again, you should share any concerns about your work environment or equipment with your employer promptly.

If you become injured in the workplace, you have options. Workers compensation may not adequately provide for all your medical treatments and time away from work. Filing a personal injury claim may be an option to help you meet these expenses. Call Littman & Babiarz, personal injury lawyers in Ithaca, Syracuse and Auburn, NY, if you suffer an on-the-job injury after returning to work in Central New York State.