School & Healthcare Workers ‘ Compensation Claims

Some of the most labor-intensive service positions in New York state are found in school and health care. The personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys at our Auburn and Ithaca law offices have been handling injuries from repetitive musculoskeletal issues to catastrophic traumas for decades. To learn more about our network and background and discover how we can help you, call our office at 607-277-7527.

Office Injuries

Nurses, doctors, teachers and school administrators all spend a good amount of time writing notes, filling out charts and sitting at desks, in labs and offices. After many years of this work, studies have found that workers are often injured by desks, chairs, poorly fashioned workstations and repetitive strains. The law firm of Littman & Babiarz can assist you if you have injured your back, neck or shoulder, have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, or have excessive straining. Just because your injuries are not traumatic does not mean your pain is less important. Let us help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Chemical Injuries

Even some of the most seemingly benign chemicals in our workspaces can cause injury. Xerox machines and carbon copies, cleaning chemicals, environmental spills, cafeteria exposures, overuse of X-rays can all lead to complication and injury. Whether you were exposed to a chemical injury through negligence or as a general result of your employment, it is possible to seek workers’ compensation, and in some cases compensation from a personal injury case as well. Anesthetic gas, pathology chemicals, science labs and research laboratories are full of potential hazards. Be sure you work with a law firm that understands these daily risks.

Occupational Exposure

School and health care workers are exposed to illnesses and potentially violent situations daily. Children and sick patients bring in diseases, pathogens, and potential biological and respiratory hazards constantly. Contracting an illness, especially a serious one such as HIV, hepatitis (HBV or HCV) or other bloodborne pathogen, can be serious. There is no need to simply accept this circumstance, be sure to protect your rights by seeking compensation for your plight.

Other exposures for caregivers also include physical movements such as repetitive work of dispensing injections and lifting patients. There are high risks of assault by students, parents and patients and with so many spills involved in hospitals and schools, slip-and-fall incidents are also quite common. If you are looking for a lawyer in Ithaca, Auburn, Syracuse, Elmira and the Central, New York region contact Littman & Babiarz today to protect your future tomorrow.