Trades & Union Workers Injuries

Trade workers are undervalued in our society, and this is often reflected by some employers encouraging trade workers not to file for workers’ compensation claims for their injuries. The law firm of Littman & Babiarz serving Ithaca, Auburn, Syracuse and Elmira is committed to helping union and non-union tradespeople seek and secure the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve, while helping them to maintain a positive working relationship with their employer. As independent advocates, we can help you avoid being caught in a dispute between your union and your employer.

From our law offices offices in Ithaca and Auburn, New York, we have served the needs of those suffering from trade work injuries. Having assisted plumbers, pipe fitters, carpenters, steel and iron workers, bricklayers, electrical workers and certified technicians, we have seen hundreds of injuries — many of them catastrophic — and know what your worries are regarding filing a claim. Call 607-277-7527 today and let us help you navigate these rough waters.

Unions And Union Representatives

Having worked with union members from a variety of labor unions in Central, New York, the law firm of Littman & Babiarz have seen the benefits and disadvantages of working with a union representative on your workers’ compensation claim. Depending upon your union, you may have collectively bargained workers’ compensation stipulations that require your employer to hold your job for you. These rights need to be protected, and working with a union-friendly attorney will allow you to move forward confidently, knowing that you will not be unemployed once you recover.

It is important not to rely exclusively upon your union representative during your workers’ compensation claim as union representatives are not attorneys. The only way to ensure that you avoid workers’ compensation fraud and follow the process meticulously is to work with a workers’ compensation lawyer who can not only advise you of your rights but will walk you through the process, ensure all the paperwork is sound and will advocate for you as an individual.

Third-Party Suits

While the first port of call after any injury is sustained on the job is to seek workers’ compensation, there are many cases where a separate personal injury case may be advised. If you were injured due to the negligence of another party, poor safety regulations or even equipment malfunction, another party may be liable for the costs associated with your injury. Reporting your injury can help make working conditions safer in the future; discuss your options with an experienced team.