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Why it’s important to report even minor on-the-job injuries?

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, hundreds of thousands of workers are injured yearly while on the clock. From strains to sprains, lacerations to punctures, many workers avoid reporting these kinds of injuries at first. This is a huge mistake. Why? Even if your accident seems simple or you think it didn’t cause permanent damage, you should file …

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What should you do if you feel you have been wrongfully terminated?

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If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, you have options. There are many reasons why an employer can fire an employee, including the fact that your boss just doesn’t like you. However, when an unfair firing is based on discrimination, you may have a legal case.  Employment Law: Can I be Fired without Cause? Good cause, bad cause, no cause. According to …

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What makes a good Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?

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Worker’s compensation lawyers help injured workers get the recoup you deserve. When you hire a good lawyer, your chances of a nice payout will be exceptionally high. Worker compensation attorneys can contact the employment insurer on your behalf. They can also find evidence to support your case, considering your claim. When you hire one of the most solid worker compensation …

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Employment law basics for remote work employees in New York State

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Employment law basics, including remote work, have significantly changed with the pandemic. Before the year 2020, it was common for every worker to work in an office and very few people worked from home. Now, everything has changed. According to a 2020 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, 35.2% of people reported that they started working from home …