Excavation and Road Work Accidents

Our firm has exceptional experience handling personal injury claims and workers’ compensation cases for clients injured during excavations and road work. Accidents involving these industries are common, and failure to guard the construction area is one of the leading causes of these incidents.

With offices conveniently located in Auburn and Ithaca, New York, our construction accident attorneys are easily available to assist clients throughout the region receive the compensation they deserve. Although construction work is not without its risks, those employed in creating and rebuilding the infrastructures of our state deserve compensation when unexpected, and especially preventable, incidents occur.

If you or your loved one has been injured while working in road construction or has been involved in an excavation incident such as a trench cave-in or demolition collapse, or suffered electrical injuries while on the job, call our offices at 607-277-7527 to discuss your claim.

Road Construction Zone Accident

Motorists have a responsibility to take care when entering road construction zones. Often accidents occur when there was a lack of signage regarding the zone itself, unmarked hazards along the road or incidents involving construction equipment.

State laws are severe regarding speeding or reckless driving in a construction zone, but these repercussions do not help you or your loved one suffer any less. By working with our firm, you will benefit from the experience of an attorney who understands how to handle not only your case, but also put you in touch with medical professionals, represent your interests and advocate on your behalf.

Electrical Injuries And Electrocution On The Job

Many construction jobs, including road construction projects, often involve excavations to update underground water service and septic systems as well as pylon driving, laying new wires and doing other dangerous tasks. When working near power lines or excavating in spaces where underground lines may be live, it is important to follow safety regulations and codes.

Unfortunately, when sites are not secure or precautions not correctly taken, electric shock and electrocution incidents occur. Our lawyers can assist you if you or a loved one has been injured due to lack of ground-faulting, outdated equipment, negligent use of equipment, incorrect installation or use of flex or extension cords, or contact with power lines or ground wires. We are always available to talk about your situation and offer free initial consultations.