Scaffold & Ladder Falls Injuries

In construction, nearly every project includes working from elevated heights at some stage of the process. The higher the elevation, the more severe your injuries may be — though even falls from shorter heights can have severe consequences. If you have fallen at work, it is important you remain vigilant in filing your workers’ compensation claim, or if necessary filing a third-party claim due to negligence.

New York state labor laws provide special protection for lawsuits against responsible parties in accidents involving a fall from a scaffold, ladder or other elevated workplace. Speak with one of our attorneys to learn more about this protection.

Always Report Your Incident

If you have fallen from an elevated height off of moving equipment, a scaffold, roof, ladder or other fixed structure, it is important to seek evaluation from a medical professional even if you do not believe your injuries are significant. Many injuries can seem uneventful at first, but they may eventually lead to complex medical problems at a later stage.

If you do not file a claim and later your injury is aggravated or worsens, it will be much more difficult to try and seek workers’ compensation or file a personal injury claim.

Our attorneys work with a vast network of medical professionals experienced and willing to handle patients with workers’ compensation claims. Call our offices at 607-277-7527 and allow the law firm of Littman & Babiarz to help you through the process.

Trust An Experienced Lawyer

Filing a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim in the construction industry can be complicated. With so many contracts, liabilities and responsibilities involved, a construction injury claim can be complex. The attorneys at our firm have handled countless cases involving construction falls, including scaffold and ladder falls, and we understand how best to navigate the sometimes uncertain working statuses of construction workers and their employers. You can be sure when working with our firm that the counsel we give will be thorough and timely.

If you are contemplating filing a claim for your fall but are unsure if it is necessary, please understand that discussing your injury with our attorneys costs you nothing. We will discuss your situation and advise you as to whether or not filing a claim would be the right course of action for you.

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