Bicycle & Pedestrian accident lawyers in Ithaca and Auburn, NY

The law firm of Littman & Babiarz has handled dozens of cases and settlements involving bicycle and pedestrian accidents in Central, New York. More often than not such accidents can result in severe injuries such as amputation, paralysis, traumatic brain injury or even death. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident as a pedestrian or bicyclist please reach out to our attorneys to discuss your options.

Use Our Network

Our firm understands how difficult an accident with a car or a commercial vehicle can be. We have helped hundreds of clients seek and receive compensation for their injuries, and our success rate is not only a result of our experience handling these types of personal injury cases, but the personal attention, background and networks our attorneys utilize throughout the process.

Over the years, our firm has built a strong network of professionals around us, including accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals and analysts to assist us in not only calculating and valuing the costs associated with your injury, but also finding you the help you and your family desperately need. We know how the legal system works, and as attorneys with backgrounds in medicine and insurance defense, we are well-prepared for the road ahead.

Part Of A Community Effort

With such a strong encouragement for using increasingly ecological transportation choices, more and more New Yorkers are choosing to walk and cycle instead of drive to their destinations. Unfortunately, with more cyclists and pedestrians on the road and so many inattentive and reckless drivers, accidents are still happening at an alarming rate.

Littman & Babiarz is proud to be a part of the larger community efforts in Auburn and Ithaca to hold these drivers accountable. It is important to note down and report license plates of cars and drivers who are not respecting the rules of the road and making cycling and walking conditions unsafe.

Even with an increasing number of bike lanes available, there are still issues regarding bicycle and pedestrian accidents involving cars. If you have been injured in an accident, call one of our personal injury lawyers at 607-277-7527 to discuss your options.