Factory And Job Site Injuries

New York state has a strong manufacturing industry, and in order to prosper, it is important that the factory and job site workers are well cared for when they have been injured. If you are an injured factory worker looking for answers regarding workers’ compensation, you have come to the right place. We help workers from our offices in Auburn and Ithaca, and are not the type of firm to shy away from a case simply because it includes a repetitive strain or complex injury.

Factory and job site injuries can range from a relatively minor incident to a catastrophic event. Our attorneys have been handling personal injury and workers’ compensation cases for decades, and through this time we have not only become experienced attorneys, but also well-versed in the musculoskeletal system as well. Our workers’ compensation lawyer is a former nurse, and we have built a network of professionals around our firm that can assist you through the entire claims process while we help you with the paperwork.

We Know The Risks

Often clients come to our offices with repetitive and chronic issues, which stem from overexertion of the body. Strain on your bodily tissues can lead to a number of health problems, some leaving laborers with debilitating pain. We know the professionals who can help diagnose your issues while we seek the best way to help you secure compensation and move forward in your employment.

Fabricators, assemblers and other production jobs handling materials can also endure exposure to chemicals and other substances that can lead to injury. Plastics, leather, explosives, and steel and metal work all involve working with potentially harmful substances on a daily basis. Working with highly flammable and combustible materials is also a risk that many factory and job site workers accept, but one wrong move could lead to unnecessary fires and explosions.

Even one negligent act can result in a severe injury — this includes using heavy equipment and other vehicles at work. Forklifts, tractor-trailers and other machines can be extremely dangerous if not used properly, if operators are negligent or the environment is dangerous. Crushing, amputations and other serious injuries can result from these circumstances.

We Can Handle It

If you are worried about filing a workers’ compensation claim or believe that another party was negligent and caused your workplace accident, give our firm a call at 607-277-7527. We can help you handle both your workers’ comp claim and any third-party suit that may be necessary.