Dedicated Workers Compensation
and Personal Injury Attorneys

Our personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm has been helping injured workers in central New York for over 30 years. We have offices in Auburn and Ithaca, and look forward to supporting clients throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Workers’ Compensation cases involve injuries that are work related, and occur as a result of on the job work duties. Personal injury litigation involves people who have been injured in auto / truck accidents, construction site accidents, and other accidents or incidents which are caused by the fault of others, such as negligent automobile or truck drivers. Contact Littman & Babiarz for your free initial consultation. We can explain the process to you and help you get the benefits, compensation and medical treatment you need and deserve.

Taking The Extra Step

While there are a number of personal injury and Workers’ Compensation attorneys who are able to file your claim few small firms have the background or experience of lawyers at our firm. We are committed to helping our clients, not just in the legal sense, but in the personal sense as well. Knowing how difficult dealing with an injury can be, we strive to help guide you through the legal process and try and keep your case moving, and make your experience as painless and carefree as possible. We will help guide you through the legal process and try and keep your case moving forward in a positive direction.

With over 58 years combined private law practice, attorneys Littman & Babiarz have built a strong working knowledge of medical professionals to help us assist our clients. We are familiar with the doctors, therapists, psychologists and other medical professionals who accept treatment of Workers’ Compensation patients and No Fault patients who have been injured in work and/or automobile accidents. These medical professionals understand the detailed medical forms which are required to get authorization for Workers’ Comp victims for the treatment and benefits which they need.

Strengthening Relationships

It is our mission to consistently go above and beyond the legal requirements of our clients. We understand that in addition to the physical pain, there are emotional stresses and difficulties that can arise in your day to day life.

Our staff works hard to reduce and minimize these stressors as much as possible by liaising with:
• Insurance carrier or carriers involved in your matter;
• Your employer’s HR or benefit personnel;
• The medical practitioners you need to see for your treatment;
• Insurance companies involved in your claim and their third party vendors
• Pharmacies and their vendors and other medical supply providers who handle other treatment supplies for your care.

Our proactive approach to your case means that we can help reduce the time and worry of trying to sort out the minutia of your treatment, especially securing payments. Interfacing among these individuals and organizations means that not only can you and your family focus on getting well, but we provide a much needed buffer that allows you to maintain strong and productive relationships with all parties involved in your injury or accident.

Start Moving Forward


Littman & Babiarz is a law firm which focuses on helping disabled and injured people with Workers’ Compensation cases and in personal injury litigation. We strive to provide the best Workers’ Compensation and personal injury representation in Central New York. Our Ithaca office is simple to access and convenient for our clients next to the Courthouse in downtown Ithaca. Our commitment to client experience is one of the many reasons our colleagues turn to us for consultation on complex Workers’ Compensation and personal injury cases.

When you contact our office you will work directly with Peter N. Littman or Lisa J. Babiarz to be your own personal attorney. In addition to our attorneys, the staff at Littman & Babiarz includes one Paralegal professional with close to 20 years managing litigation of all kinds. Our staff also includes one Workers’ Compensation Specialist who is totally dedicated to helping our clients with the every day issues in their case. Both Rebecca Josselyn and Jill Tilton are trained and experienced in advocacy for injured worker and tort victims. Clients report that speaking on the phone with our staff is quite close to speaking directly with attorneys Littman or Babiarz. This personal attention is more than just a way to make our clients comfortable. After decades of experience in Workers’ Compensation and personal injury law we have found that individual attention to each case also results in more comprehensive representation of our cases.

We are able to focus on the minutia of your injury, advocate for you on a legal and personal level. The lawyers at our firm have a strong medical knowledge background, with deep understanding of the musculoskeletal system and the HIPPA law. In fact, Attorney Babiarz was a Registered Nurse in her previous career, and spent close to ten (10) years in the hospital environment.

Judges take our cases seriously because we know our practice well. That is why doctors and other attorneys and former clients are so eager to recommend us to their friends, families, clients and patients. If you need assistance with your Workers’ Compensation or personal injury claim, contact Littman & Babiarz for your free initial consultation