Job Site Heavy Equipment Injuries

After 35 years of working in Auburn and Ithaca, New York, on personal injury and workers’ compensation law, we have come to assist numerous clients with construction work injuries. In such a strongly regulated industry, it is highly likely that if an incident occurs at work, you will not only be eligible to file for workers’ compensation, but also a third-party liability claim as well.

If another worker, a subcontractor, your employer, the manufacturer or even the owner of the property was negligent in any way, a third-party claim may be possible. Call our offices at 607-277-7527 to discuss your options.

Evaluating Your Heavy Equipment Injury

Heavy equipment injuries are some of the most catastrophic afflictions in the industry, and often result in traumatic brain injury, paralysis, amputations, crushing or even wrongful death. Our firm takes these sorts of accidents seriously, and as your attorneys, we will make sure that you petition for every possible mode of compensation that you deserve. We can assist you with any number of heavy equipment injury claims, including:

  • Dangerous machinery and unsafe equipment
  • Machinery malfunctions and explosions
  • Vehicle accidents involving backhoe loaders, dump trucks, tractors, bulldozers, excavators, scrapers, loaders, cement trucks, forklifts and other vehicles
  • Contact with phone lines, power lines and other electrical currents
  • Crushing accidents
  • Crane collapses
  • Exposure to chemicals, toxins or biological hazards
  • Safety violations and unsafe equipment
  • Falling objects and debris
  • Failure to guard construction area or areas adjacent to construction

Often these accidents result from negligence in one form or another; be it a safety violation, dangerous or hazardous conditions that could have been avoided or other preventable circumstances.


Even if your injuries were not catastrophic, if there is ever an incident involving heavy equipment or machinery in a construction zone, it is important for your safety, and the safety of other workers, that the incident be investigated. Reporting the incident for workers’ compensation and filing a personal injury claim ensure that investigation regarding improper use or maintenance of equipment is carried out.

In addition to investigating the circumstances of the incident, we will also look after your medical needs. The lawyers at our firm have strong connections to the health care industry, and after contacting us, we can put you in touch with proper medical professionals who understand how the process of workers’ comp and personal injury claims works.