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How to Choose the Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Lisa Babiarz News, Personal Injury & Workers Compensation

Suffering a workplace injury can be scary and stressful. While New York’s workers’ compensation system aims to provide medical care and lost wage replacement, navigating the bureaucracy can be challenging. An experienced workers’ comp attorney makes the process smoother. This article will cover key factors to consider when selecting the right workers’ compensation lawyer for your situation in Central New …

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Workplace Injuries in Central New York: What’s Covered by Workers’ Comp?

Lisa Babiarz News, Personal Injury & Workers Compensation

Workplace injuries are an unfortunate reality for many employees across Central New York. While prevention should always be the priority, workers’ compensation provides support when accidents do occur. This article will examine common workplace injuries in Geneva, Auburn, Ithaca, and Penn Yan, NY and what’s covered by workers’ comp. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.7 million nonfatal …

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The Role of Independent Medical Examinations in Workers Compensation Cases

Lisa Babiarz News, Personal Injury & Workers Compensation

In workers’ compensation cases, independent medical examinations (IMEs) play a crucial role in determining the extent of an employee’s injury or illness, their ability to work, and the need for future medical treatments[1]. IMEs are typically requested by the employer’s insurance company and are conducted by a doctor chosen by the insurance company. The purpose of an IME is to …

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How Workers Compensation Protects Employers and Employees

Lisa Babiarz News, Personal Injury & Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a system that provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their job. The system is designed to protect both employers and employees by providing a way to handle workplace injuries and illnesses without the need for litigation. In this essay, we will explore how workers’ compensation protects both employers and …

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Workers Compensation vs. Personal Injury Lawsuits: Understanding the Differences

Lisa Babiarz News, Personal Injury & Workers Compensation

Accidents can happen anywhere. From work to the road, life-changing accidents often require the help of both worker compensation attorneys and personal injury attorneys. But are these one-in-the-same? Yes and no. Although worker compensation law firms often cover personal injury cases as well, there are different courses of action for the two. This article aims to shed light on these …