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Personal injuries are never welcome and always unexpected, derailing lives, families, careers and possibly even your future. When you suffer a personal injury in New York resulting from the negligent actions or inaction of another person or entity, the law allows you to file a lawsuit to claim compensation for damages. Littman and Babiarz, your experienced personal injury lawyers in Ithaca and Auburn New York, can provide the seasoned and professional assistance you need from start to finish.

Personal Injuries in New York

A personal injury is defined under New York State law as any injury harming the body, mind or emotions, intentionally or due to negligence of another person or entity. This covers a wide range of injuries, ranging from minor to severe, including those that result in disablement or death. Personal injuries in New York typically fall into four major categories:

  • Vehicle Accidents– The most common cause of personal injuries in the State of New York, vehicle accidents are often severe, requiring extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Far too often, accident insurance does not cover the total cost of your medical needs.
  • Workplace Accidents– New York law requires most employers to provide Worker’s Compensation insurance to provide medical care if you become injured on the job. There are still some cases where a personal injury lawsuit is allowed and warranted.
  • Premises Liability Accidents– These accidents occur on someone else’s property due to negligence on their part. For example, a slippery floor in a store causes you to fall and become injured. The store can be held liable for your injuries.
  • Product Liability Accidents– These accidents are the result of some defect in a consumer product that causes an injury while using it correctly. The company that made the defective product can be liable for your injuries.

Littman and Babiarz, a personal injury law firm in Ithaca and Auburn, NY, can provide legal representation in all of these types of personal injury lawsuits.

Experience Matters

Personal injury law in New York can be complicated. The circumstances of every accident are different, and numerous defenses can be mounted by the accused in your personal injury case. Experience matters in personal injury cases, and Littman & Babiarz has been defending the rights and pursuing compensation for accident victims for over 30 years.

We partner with an extensive network of medical professionals, accident reconstruction teams and other experts that help us research and build a solid case for you based upon undeniable facts. Our experienced attorneys know how to present your case with vigor and professionalism, and we will always fight for the full and fair personal injury compensation that you deserve.

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Littman and Babiarz, Personal Injury Lawyers in Auburn, NY

When you suffer a personal injury in Central New York at the fault of another person or party, contact Littman and Babiarz, personal injury lawyers in Auburn, NY, to discuss your legal options and the next steps. Your initial consultation is free when you call 607-277-7527 or send us a message online. For experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate legal help after your personal injury accident, contact us today.