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As the COVID-19 Lockdown Lifts, Personal Injury Cases Are on the Rise

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There is good news to share on the COVID-19 front as vaccinations are becoming available to more and more Americans. New cases and COVID-19 deaths are trending down and optimism is finally being felt across the nation. Here in New York State, things are slowly beginning to open up as over 5.5 million doses of the vaccine have been administered to date statewide. Littman & Babiarz, a personal injury firm in Ithaca, Auburn and Syracuse, NY, want the public to be aware of rising personal injury claims as the COVID-19 lockdowns are lifted.

Personal Injury Claims and COVID-19 – A Brief History

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, New York State has been at the forefront of the battle. Many state residents and visitors have been exposed to the coronavirus and suffered harsh consequences. As a result, severe mandates were issued to close schools, businesses, public gathering places and even the courts.

Throughout the crisis, Littman & Babiarz has sought to keep you informed and up-to-date on the legal landscape and how the pandemic affected personal injury claims and the courts. We have remained open and available to serve the people of New York State, thanks in large part to technology that allowed distance conferencing via the Internet. Some of the articles we have published relating to the coronavirus include:

Personal Injury Claims and Relaxed COVID-19 Restrictions

Personal injury cases temporarily slowed as the courts closed, but a backlog quickly occurred that took some time to resolve after court reopening’s. While some cases are still being decided, Littman & Babiarz, personal injury lawyers in Ithaca, Auburn and Syracuse, NY, warn that personal injury cases will likely rise as more restrictions are lifted.

Increased vehicle traffic, personal interactions and more people returning to work after a long hiatus will provide many more opportunities for personal injury accidents that will require legal assistance. Returning to old work routines, travel routines, tighter schedules and greater freedom can lead to carelessness, negligence and a rise in accidents that cause injuries.

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Littman & Babiarz, a personal injury firm in Ithaca, Auburn and Syracuse, NY, is still available, just as we have been throughout the pandemic, serving residents of New York State who suffer personal injuries and require legal counsel and representation. If you suffer a personal injury accident as coronavirus restrictions are being lifted, don’t let that slow your return to normalcy. Call us at 607-277-7527 for a free initial consultation about your potential personal injury case.