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Why You Should Seek Legal Advice for Your On-the-Job Injury

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When an injury at work occurs, many people shy away from contacting workers compensation lawyers in central New York. Your employer has workers compensation insurance to cover such occurrences, so you may assume workers compenation lawyers in Syracuse NYan attorney is not necessary. You may choose to trust the system with your treatment, recovery, overall health and livelihood. This can prove to be a serious mistake when you have an on-the-job injury.

Your employer plays a small role at the beginning of the process when you incur an on-the-job injury. After the initial report and treatment, your case is handled by a worker’s compensation insurance adjuster. His or her job is to minimize the risk to the insurance company, not to look out for your best interests or advise you about additional benefits to which you may be entitled. Therefore, some possible complications may arise with your injury, treatment and more.

Possible Complications from an On-the-Job Injury

Confusion Over Benefits – As stated above, your employer’s role with an on-the-job injury and the workers compensation process is limited; therefore, so is their knowledge of the benefits available. In addition, workers compensation insurance adjusters are paid to limit insurance payouts, not explain the benefits available to you. A workers compensation lawyer in Auburn, New York, can explain all the available benefits that apply to your particular situation and help ensure you get the maximum amount of benefits you are due under the law.

Hidden Injuries – An on-the-job injury can become complicated very quickly. You will likely receive treatment at a medical facility selected by your employer. They may or may not complete a thorough evaluation of your injury and any possible complications or ongoing treatments. Any hidden injuries, or injuries related to the accident which show up at a later date, could be questioned. A workers compensation attorney in Syracuse could assist with getting the quality medical care to which you are entitled under workers compensation laws.

Loss of Work – An on-the-job injury can lead to unforeseen complications that may even result in loss of work. If the injury renders you unable to perform the work for which you were hired, or your recovery is not sufficient enough for a return to the necessary activity level, you could forfeit your job. With the help of a workers compensation lawyer in Auburn, New York, you can be sure to receive the total amount of workers compensation benefits under the law, even if you cannot return to work.

Loss of Future Earnings – A serious on-the-job injury may leave you worried about losing your home or other assets. If you cannot return to work, how will you care for your family? Workers compensation lawyers in central New York can advise you and even lead the negotiations for a suitable settlement when it is determined that you Possible Complications from an On-the-Job Injurycannot return to work because of an on-the-job injury. They are experienced in the processes and laws governing such suits and can be a true advocate in your corner, fighting for your right to adequate compensation.

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