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With Schools Back in Session, How Do Personal Injury Laws Relate to Your Child?

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It may come as no surprise that most injuries incurred by school-aged children happen at school or school-related activities. School sports, playgrounds, gymnasiums, buses, and even hallways and classrooms are all places where injuries can occur among groups of school children. When your child is injured at a New York school or while participating in a school-related activity, call Littman and Babiarz, personal injury attorneys in Syracuse, Auburn, Ithaca, and Elmira, NY.

Schools and Liability Questions

Many areas have laws that prohibit lawsuits against local school districts and systems. This does not mean, however, that negligent school districts, schools, administrators, or employees cannot be held accountable when an injury to your child occurs. There are many complicating factors in play when proving negligence or liability for an accident involves a school. Littman and Babiarz, Attorneys at Law, can provide counsel and representation when needed in these delicate matters.

We will examine the details of your child’s accident and injury to determine who or what may be to blame. There can be many factors involved when seeking to discover liability, including:

  • Where did the accident occur?
  • When did the accident occur?
  • Were other children present?
  • Were other children involved?
  • Was adequate adult supervision provided?
  • Were school personnel involved in the accident?
  • Was anyone else involved in the accident?
  • Did school administrators follow protocol for reporting and treating an accident?
  • What factors contributed to the accident?
  • Were any obstructions involved in the accident?
  • Did the accident involve a maintenance issue?
  • Were reasonable measures taken or in place to prevent accidents?
  • Could the accident have been avoided?

The experienced lawyers at Littman and Babiarz can examine the details of the accident to determine who may be at fault and what your next steps should be to protect your child’s rights and provide adequate medical treatment for his or her injuries.

Schools and Personal Injuries

Although statistically, schools are some of the safest places for New York children, accidents can happen. Here are some common scenarios where your child could possibly become injured relating to school activities.

School Buses

Nationwide statistics show that traveling by school bus is one of the safest modes of travel. However, accidents can occur. School buses are prone to rollover accidents at excessive speeds, and most are provided with no passenger restraint systems. In the event of a school bus accident, who could be liable? The school district, the bus maintenance company, the bus driver, a parts manufacturer, or another driver are all possibilities your personal injury lawyers in Syracuse, Auburn, Ithaca, Elmira will investigate.

School Field Trips

Although most school districts require parents to sign a release form before a student is allowed on a field trip, and most entities also require a signed release before activity participation, negligence can still occur. Accidents can still happen because of inadequate supervision or safety measures. A variety of people or entities may even share in the responsibility if a child suffers an accident while on a school-sponsored field trip.

School Sports

Sports are where most school-related injuries occur; albeit they happen more during practice that in actual games or matches. Football, basketball, and other high-impact sports see kids get injured every season. But accidents and injuries also occur in volleyball, baseball, soccer, and track and field events. Most every school district requires parents to provide accident insurance and sign a release for a student to play sports, as well as require the student to undergo a physical exam. Still, you may have options to pursue a lawsuit for compensation if your student is injured while playing school sports.

School Playgrounds

Kids are active at play, and even the safest playground cannot adequately protect against all injuries. Moreover, when schools and school systems lack proper funding, maintenance issues can go unmet, and this includes playground equipment and safety measures. If negligence causes your child to become injured, you have options.

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Questions of responsibility when accidents and personal injuries occur at school are complicated because of certain laws that shield schools. However, you do have legal options if your child suffers an accident. Call Littman and Babiarz, Attorneys at Law at 607-277-7527 for a free initial consultation to explore your legal options.