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When Should You Contact a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private employers reported 2.6 million nonfatal work injuries in 2021. If you get injured on the clock, it’s essential to have a plan of action to ensure you protect your rights and livelihood while you’re in recovery. Without the right support, you could be missing out on the benefits you’re entitled to.

In short, you should get in touch with worker compensation attorneys as soon as you get hurt.

What are My Worker’s Compensation Rights in New York?

If you are looking for a workers compensation lawyer in Geneva, Ithaca, Auburn, or Pen Yan, NY, the good news is that the state requires most employers to carry worker’s compensation insurance coverage. This means that if you sustain a physical injury or contract an occupational disease at work, you may be entitled to wage replacement, medical treatment, and even rehabilitation services.

When it comes to filing a worker’s comp claim, timing is paramount. In New York, you must report any workplace injury to your employer within 30 days of an incident. From there, you have 2personal injury attorneys in Auburn, Syracuse, Ithaca and Elmira years to file a claim for most cases.

The only exception to this rule is for hearing loss related claims, which can be filed beyond the two-year limit as long as you file within 90 days of learning the hearing loss is work related.

Once a claim is approved, there’s a 7-day waiting period before benefits can be received, which is retroactive after 14 days. Since each day of missing wages can wreak havoc on your financial wellness, the sooner you get the ball rolling, the better.

Worker compensation law firms specialize in helping you identify what benefits you’re eligible for after sustaining a workplace injury. Their knowledge in the nuances of filing worker’s comp claims can also help you get the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.

Reporting workplace injuries and contacting a worker’s comp lawyer immediately is the best way to protect yourself from the negative ramifications of getting hurt at work.

Why Should I Contact Worker’s Compensation Lawyers?

Enlisting the help of worker compensation law firms not only helps you accurately file worker’s comp claims, but also helps when a claim is denied.

This is because if your claim is denied, you’ll need to go before a judge to plead your case. At your hearing, you’ll need the right documentation and know-how to convince the judge to reverse the decision. Having an experienced attorney in your corner increases your chances of being successful and makes the dispute resolution process a breeze.

Workers compensation law firms can also be especially helpful if:

  • You have a pre-existing condition
  • Your benefits are delayed
  • You’re not sure what type of doctor to see
  • Approved benefits don’t cover all of your medical bills
  • You’ve sustained a severe injury and need extended time away from work to recover
  • You have a possible claim against a third party, such as an injury sustained while operating third party equipment.

What Can Worker Compensation Attorneys Do for Me?

Workplace injuries can lead to loss of wages, expensive medical bills, and other hardships. Worker’s compensation laws are designed to protect employees from physical and financial harm resulting from getting hurt at work.

If you’ve been involved in a workplace accident, you need expert support and guidance to take advantage of the benefits available to you. Each attorney at our Littman & Babiarz law firm has extensive experience representing injured workers just like you. Our NY attorneys have all the tools and knowledge you need to help you win a worker’s compensation case in Geneva, Auburn, Ithaca, or Pen Yan, NY.