The Workers Compensation Attorney’s Role in the Compensation Claims Process

The Workers Compensation Attorney’s Role in the Compensation Claims Process

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If you live in Central New York and have recently suffered an injury or illness due to an accident at your workplace or because of the negligence of your employer, you may have many questions:

  • What kind of benefits can I receive?
  • Do I need a lawyer to represent me?
  • What can a lawyer do for me?

You are entitled to prompt and complete medical care. Depending on your injury or illness, your benefits may include temporary or permanent disability benefits. Working with your employer or a third party to make sure you receive these benefits in full can be a tricky process to navigate. The Workers compensation attorneys in Central NY at Littman & Babiarz Attorneys at Law, can help you understand your benefits and to deal with legal aspects of your case. But before you visit an attorney, it is helpful to understand the attorney’s role in the claims process.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

State laws and regulations are confusing. Most likely, you are unaware of your state’s laws concerning worker’s compensation. This means you are probably not getting all the benefits you’re entitled to and may not be getting the proper medical care you deserve. Workers compensation lawyers in Syracuse, Auburn, Ithaca and Elmira will make sure you get the care that your workplace is required to provide you with.

You will also need a lawyer if you wish to file an employee claim or a C-3. A C-3 will allow you to reopen your case within two years of the injury or discovered illness if your injury or illness worsens.  A competent attorney will also be able to inform you about the differences in claims you may file in order to reopen your case later if you choose to do so.

What Will Your Lawyer Do for You?

All workers compensation cases vary. If your case goes to a hearing or trial, your worker compensation attorneys in the Auburn, Syracuse Elmira and Ithaca areas will not only be your legal representation, but they will be able to gather and develop evidence to benefit your case. Any previous evidence of your employer’s negligence or providing an unsafe work environment, as well as statements or depositions from others about your job’s physical demands, can help you receive the maximum amount of benefits possible.

When Should You Retain a Lawyer?

If your injury is more serious than an ankle sprain or a few stitches, it is most likely a good idea to acquire some more knowledgeable help. In the case that your injury or occupational illness results in your inability to return to work and you need to file for disability, you will need the extra guidance. In the event that your employer denies you benefits or you suffer from discrimination because of a worker’s compensation claim, the workers compensation attorneys at Littman and Babiarz can help you navigate the legal system.

Who Can You Sue?

New York state law protects your employer as well as co-workers from being sued. If your injury was not intentionally caused by your employer and they have workers compensation insurance, you cannot enter into a lawsuit with them. However, if you had an accident due to a third-party’s fault, such as a slip-and-fall incident on another business’s property or a car crash while on the job, workers compensation lawyers in Syracuse, Auburn and Ithaca will assist you in bringing a case against a third-party at fault.

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