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The Rate of Personal Injuries Increases During the Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is considered to be the holiday season. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people throughout New York decorate, celebrate, shop, and travel to visit with family and friends. The pace is accelerated and patience runs thin. The hours of darkness increase, changing the entire dynamic of how we live our lives.

Littman and Babiarz, Personal Injury Attorneys in Syracuse, Auburn, Ithaca, and Elmira, see an increasing number of personal injuries during this hectic season of the year. If you or a loved one incur a personal injury through any type of accident, you should call Littman and Babiarz, Attorneys at Law, for advice and counsel regarding your legal rights.

Travel Accidents

The holidays fill the roadways with drivers whose minds are on their gift lists or destinations, and not on safe driving. Pedestrians and other drivers should be especially prudent this time of year to watch for vehicles that seem erratic or dangerous. Simple vigilance is your greatest weapon against being involved in a serious accident.

Auto accidents increase this time of year, and weather is often a contributing factor. Darkness, considered a weather condition, as well as moisture and cold temperatures, combine to complicate the chore of driving. And, with more people traveling for holiday gatherings, the risks of being in an accident increase measurably.

If you and your family are involved in an auto accident this holiday season, your first action needs to be making sure your loved ones receive any necessary medical care. Your next action should be calling Littman and Babiarz, personal injury lawyers in Auburn, Ithaca and Syracuse, New York, for advice and legal representation.

Shopping Accidents

As more consumers jam into stores in search of just the right gift, the potential for accidents and injuries increase. Tempers and patience run short, consumer goods are piled high on shelves to meet demands, and most people hurry along without due care for their environment. This boiling cauldron of risk is likely to be upset with very little help.

Falling merchandise can cause serious, even traumatic, injuries, due to the fact of how it strikes victims on the head. Tempers can flare and cause unprovoked altercations between shoppers. Winter weather can cause many opportunities for slip and fall accidents on commercial and even private property. When these or other incidents cause you or a loved one to become injured, Littman and Babiarz are in your corner.

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Personal injury cases come with a wide variety of complex circumstances, and the laws of New York must be interpreted to fit each unique situation. No two personal injury cases are alike; therefore, Littman and Babiarz, personal injury lawyers in Auburn, use their knowledge and experience to craft your case individually. You deserve the best possible legal representation when you have suffered an accident injury at the fault of another person or entity.

In many cases, New York personal injury law allows the victim to pursue monetary compensation to offset the costs incurred from the accident. These are to cover medical expenses, time lost from work, property damage, and other costs. If you or a loved one are involved in a personal injury accident of any kind, you could possibly recover financial remuneration for your losses.

Call Littman and Babiarz, personal injury attorneys in Syracuse, Auburn, Ithaca, and Elmira, New York, for a free initial consultation to review your possible personal injury claim.