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Products liability law is one of the most complex areas any Long Island personal injury lawyer can specialize in. If you have any claim related to this matter, you should understand your rights and choices. You should contact a lawyer for more specific advice. Fight For Victims is always available for you. In case you need answers to some questions on product liability law and related tasks, you can find our answers to most common questions people ask.

What Is A Product Liability Claim?

An injured person can bring a product liability claim when a product fails to operate in a safe manner. This may involve a child product, a household appliance, an equipment, tool that is utilized in the workplace. Also, it can be a pharmaceutical drug, medical device, or virtually anything else that ends up on the marketplace.

Who Will I Sue If I Am Injured By An Unsafe Product?

You can sue anyone in the chain of distribution, even a specific carrier service that delivered the product to you. Some defendants have greater responsibility than the others, but all of the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers involved in creating the product should be held responsible. If state, joint and several liability rules apply, you may be able to recover all of your damages from a defendant.

What Are The Various Types Of Defects?

There are three varieties of defects: manufacturing defects, marketing defects and design defects. Design defects occur when products are created in a way that causes them to be unreasonably dangerous. A case built around a design defect, rather than focusing on the specific product that injured the plaintiff.

Industrial accidents are unique to the specific item involved. It must have come into being before the product reaches the end consumer, most commonly during the manufacture process.

Product mislabeling, also known as omission of warnings, involves a lack of information about the risks that a product poses when it is used in an intended or foreseeable way. In some instances, consumers will have the right to bring a breach of warranty claims.

Who Is Responsible For A Defective Product?

The product must be shown to have at least one defect and be the cause of your injury and medical expenses. If you were using the product at the time you were injured, that could be considered evidence.

You must demonstrate how the product would have been safe if it hadn’t been defective. Also, the use of a product must have occurred in an intended or reasonably foreseeable manner. A victim must have sustained injuries and damages that can be quantified.

How Soon Can I File A Claim?

This will depend on the time limit allowed by your state. The statute of limitations is determined by applicable laws for injury claims, or to product liability claims, respectively. It usually lasts one to two years, but it may last as long as a year or as short as four years.

In some states, the statute of limitations may not begin to run until the victim has discovered, or should have discovered, that their injury was caused by a defective product. In most situations, filing a claim after the statute of limitations has expired will result in the dismissal of a victim’s case. Also, you should file your case as soon as possible while physical evidence and the eyewitness’s memories still exist.

Shall I Hire A Products Liability Lawyer?

Though you do not need to have a lawyer, you will have greater success if you retain one. A lawyer will have access to experts who can testify on your behalf and can offer significantly stronger arguments than an individual victim. Your lawyer can evaluate whether your opponent’s settlement offer is a good deal. The high value of these cases actually motivates defendants to take them seriously. Hiring your lawyer will suggest that the situation is important to you.

Fight For Victims provides you second to none professional legal service you can rely upon at all times. Also, the vast experience of Fight For Victims staff shows that they are all competent product liability lawyers.

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