New Amendments to New York City’s Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law

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New York City has a law called the Earned Safe and Sick Time Act, or ESSTA, which was first enacted in the year 2014. New York State Sick Leave Law, or NYSSL provides paid sick leave for an employee or for an employee who is caring for a family member who is mentally or physically ill. The original law provided for the accrual of employee sick time based upon the number of employees in a business and its net income. If you have questions about the New York City Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law, you may benefit from consulting with an experienced New York employment lawyer.

Scope of Coverage and Amount of Leave

Some of the changes made to the amended ESSTA include a change in the scope of coverage and the amount of leave required of a business. The original ESSTA applied only to those who worked in New York City for more than 80 hours in one calendar year. However, the amended law applies to all NYC employees, no matter how many hours they worked. The amended law also provides for an increased amount of paid leave for employers with 100 or more employees as well as 40 hours of paid leave for workers whose employers have four or fewer employees. The new law also states that domestic workers will now be eligible for 40 hours of paid leave as well.

Written Notices and Enforcement Guidelines

Now that the ESSTA law has been amended, employers must provide written notice of the new ESSTA rules to all employees by October 2020. This written notice must also be posted in an area of the workplace that is visible to the employees. Information about the amount of accrued paid sick leave must also be included on employee pay stubs or other written communication. Employers are also not allowed to discourage employees from using their paid sick leave by intimidating or threatening them. The new law provides for a $500 fine for employers who violate these rules.

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