Do not rush to sign any documents if you think you have a Workers Compensation case

If you are injured, do not rush to sign away your rights!

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According to worker’s compensation lawyers, there are a lot of mistakes to be made after an accident or injury. From not going to the hospital right away to admitting fault, worker compensation law firms have seen it all.

Experienced worker’s compensation attorneys Littman and Babiarz have one piece of advice for those who have a potential claim:

If you are injured, do not rush to sign away your rights!

Instead, contact Littman and Babiarz, experienced Worker’s Compensation Lawyers in Central, NY, for a case evaluation.

A Word of Advice from Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

Worker’s compensation law firms see the same kinds of cases day in and day out. It usually goes something like this:

A person gets injured on the job. They are confused and don’t know what to do regarding the next steps. They make their employer aware of the accident or injury, and then boom–they’re being bombarded with paperwork. Lots of paperwork.

To make matters worse, company representatives start to pester them to sign these forms. They say it is required or needed in order to help the injured party. In reality, they just want to protect their own interests.

Which brings us to an important point. No matter what your manager, boss, employer, or their representatives say, you are on two different sides. They answer to the company, and when you become injured, you become a liability.

One way to get rid of this liability is to have you sign a form that will free them of responsibility. Some of the most common tricks of the trade are explained below.

Forms Worker Compensation Attorneys Say You Shouldn’t Sign

As a general rule, you shouldn’t sign any forms before contacting our Worker compensation law firm in the Geneva, Auburn, Ithaca, and Penn Yan, NY. areas, but the forms outlined below are definitely on the “no sign” list.

Release Forms

A release form is one of the biggest tricks of a legal team working for an employer. These documents usually involve a lowball amount meant to encourage the injured party to sign away theirworkers compensation lawyers in Syracuse, Ithaca, Auburn and Elmira rights.

The outcome is usually one of two things.

One, you’ll receive pennies in comparison to what you really deserve. Or worse, the tricky language crafted by their worker’s compensation lawyers will leave you with nothing at all. You can avoid this by calling 607-366-5918 and getting guidance before you ever sign a thing.

Remember: If you are injured, do not rush to sign away your rights!

Accident Reports

An accident form is a sneaky way for the other party to get a recorded statement from you.

You should never give a recorded statement of any kind.

Why is this?

No matter what you say, your words will be twisted in a way that will place the fault on you. Examples include:

  • Telling an injured party, they will file an accident report for them and then not
  • Filing a fake accident report with false information
  • Pressuring witnesses to change their story about what happened

Of course, an accident will need to be filed, but it should be reviewed with an attorney from one of the most recommended Worker compensation law firms.

Medical Authorization and Employment Records Authorization Forms

When you sign a medical authorization form, you reveal the following to strangers: a copy of every single one of your medical records since the day you were born. Every doctor’s visit, medical test performed, medication you’ve ever taken, surgery performed–all of this information will be provided to your employer and their representatives.

And they’ll use it against you.

The same is true for your employment records if you sign a form and share those. Any little piece of your work history they can dig up is ammunition to wipe your claim.

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this.

Remember, you don’t legally have to sign anything. You can get the help you need, including medical treatment, without filling out a form.

You need an employment lawyer, though, and you can retain one by getting a case evaluation. When you’re ready, contact Littman & Babiarz online or call us at 607-277-7527.